Catching Crappie On Granger Lake


Texas is well-known for many different things and its great crappie fishing is one of them. Granger Lake is one of the best places to go crappie fishing in Texas and the mild weather makes it possible to go anytime of the year. There is an excellent campground where you can relax when you’re not fishing or there are other accommodations nearby. Whether you live in this area or just visiting, you are sure to enjoy some great crappie fishing each time you go out on the water.

There is a guide service available if you are interested in using this service. However, you do want to make your reservations in advance to ensure they can take you out when you are ready. When fishing Granger Lake it’s important to know the regulations to avoid running into problems. For example, the minimum length of the crappie that you keep must be at least ten inches and there is a limit of twenty-five per day. No one wants to spoil a great day of fishing because they neglected to obey regulations they didn’t know about.

Crappie fishing is fun and exciting. This is a small species of fish that can put up one amazing fight yet, their light enough for even the young to reel in. They also make a great meal, which is another reason why this species is so popular. Granger Lake is a great place to go crappie fishing and you are sure to have a wonderful time. Have fun reeling in those crappies!

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