Where To Fish For Crappie In Lake Scugog

You can use the bait for a crappie and catch a walleye or the other way around. If you fish by boat, you will have more opportunities to catch just about any fish in the lake. However, during the winter, all you do is walk on the ice and you are ready to go.

The winter months are great for ice fishing, but you do have to be careful of the ice conditions before venturing out. It is best to check the fishing reports before you try the ice. The one thing you must keep in mind is to stay away from the black holes where other huts may have been set up. You can easily find out the thickness of the ice and the safety of it from the locals and the bait shop in the area. Once you know it is safe to walk on, you can find your spot and set up camp.

Fishing on Lake Scugog can be enjoyed if you go to the right areas. It is better to fish from a boat, but if you have to fish from shore, find the area that is not heavily populated with angles for the best results. Take along some minnows and jigs to complete the day. You will want to have some smaller minnows and maybe some medium sized ones in case you want to fish for a walleye or another specie’s of fish. Keep you tackle light and have a large enough bucket for all your catches.

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