The Characteristics of All Different Specie of Crappie

All crappie will begin to search for shallow water in the spring so they can prepare for the spawning season. This usually occurs when the water temperatures warm up to the upper or mid sixties. The best time to fish for crappie is at night. Fishing from a pier with lights is a great idea because the crappie will be drawn to the light shining in the water. The main reason for this is because the food source will gather around the light and the crappie will move in to feed. When fishing from a bank or out in a boat you can use lanterns to get the same results. Submergible lanterns work great because they allow you to place the light directly in the water or just above the surface. Then you simply wait for the fish to come to you.

Both species of crappies can be caught in the cooler months even though they are considered a warm water species. It’s recommended that you use a float when fishing for this species so it will be easier for you to notice when they take the bait. It’s vital that you find out the size limit for crappie on the body of water where you are fishing before you head out. This is because some states do have a limit. For instance, in some areas the crappie must be at least nine or ten inches long before you can keep them.

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