How To Catch Crappie In Tunica Mississippi

Crappies tend to love gathering around wooden docks or similar structures. They like structures such as these for several reasons. For one, they provide lots of cover for them to hide out in and wait for food. Since it’s also a great gathering place for the minnows that this species love to eat, it’s the prefect location for them to grow and thrive. The metal docks tend to make lots of noise and this scares them away so you may want to avoid them.

Jigs and minnows are used the most when fishing for crappie simply because they do work so well. However, any lure that imitates the minnow will normally produce some wonderful results. Most of the time, the red and yellow lures are your best options when it comes to color. Ultra light spinning rod and reels combined with monofilament test line that weighs about four to eight pounds are good choices to use when fishing for crappie.

However, most anything you want to use will work just fine. That is, as long as the hook and bait are small enough for this species of fish. It you go too large you will not have any bites because they will ignore it.

You can use bobbers to help you see when you get a bite for better results. This will help you avoid missing any bites that could be a nice catch. Cast your line as close to the strike zone as you can and then use a slow steady retrieval to reel it back in. This will give the crappie time to see and go after the bait.

You can add a little action to your bait by twitching the end of your line to make it move up and down in the water. This will help to get the attention of the crappie. You can stop and do this a few times as you are reeling in the line as well. Good luck and have fun crappie fishing in Tunica, Mississippi.

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