3 Ways To Catch Crappie On Chickamauga Lake


Drifting is a great way to fish for crappies because it allows you to move in on a school of fish very quietly. This is a species that will frighten easily so, any method that allows you to get close without scaring them away is very popular. When drifting for crappies you will use the wind and the current to move your boat downstream through the schools of fish. Place a buoy or some other type of marker in the areas where you get bites so you can maneuver around these areas and start over again. When you begin to drift off-course you can use your trolling motor to get back on track. Using a depth finder can help you locate the schools of fish faster.

All three of these ways are good methods to use when crappie fishing on the Chickamauga Lake. Many anglers prefer to fish from the shoreline, banks and off of docks while others prefer going out in a boat. Therefore, the best one for you to choose will depend on your personal preference and the type of gear that you have.

Regardless of which way you choose to fish for crappies, minnows or worms are usually the best baits to use if you fish with live bait. When using artificial lures choose your color wisely depending on the type of water in which you’re fishing. The best time of day to fish for crappies is in the early morning and the late evening. This is when they are the most active. They will also bite rather aggressively on cloudy days and when it’s slightly raining.

The crappies tend to be less aggressive during the winter months and you may not get as many bites but you can still go fishing for crappies. Just make sure that you slow down your presentation when the water is cold because they will be moving much slower during this time of year.

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