Ochoco Lake Crappie Fishing Tactics

When fishing on Ochoco Lake it is also vital for you to cast your line properly. Many fishermen do not realize that there is a right way and a wrong way to cast a line. When casting a line you will want to cast your line so that the bobber or bait lands in front of the fish. The reason for this is that you want to have the bait within the eye sight of the fish. If you cast your bait behind the fish they will not even know that it is there. The optimal range is about 5 yards, but if your bait is farther in front of the fish in this you will still have a good chance of reeling him in. Some people make the mistake of aiming for the actual fish when casting their line. If you aim for the actual fish when casting you will cast behind the fish. The reason for this is that the fish will swim out of the path of your line by the time your bait lands in the water.

Ochoco Lake is a great spot to do Crappie fishing. By using proper Crappie fishing tactics you will be able to catch tons of fish every time you head out to fish. Using live minnows will help you significantly since Crappie fish love eating these. Casting your line properly will also aid you on your fishing endeavors. If you like fishing at night this is a plus because you will be able to use Crappie lights to help your case. Talk to local fisherman to find out where the best spots are before you head out. Either way, just be patient and you will eventually catch more Crappie fish than you can handle!

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