Tactics for California crappie fishing

Tips for Catching California Crappie

After choosing the tactics that you plan to use there are a few tips that can help you reel in more fish. For example, know as much as you can about the crappies before you set out to go fishing. This gives you a little insight that will help you find the places where they gather together in groups. It also helps you decide which bait would work the best because you can learn about their natural food source and what to look for.

The crappies tend to stay close to any type of structure or cover such as brush piles, submerged trees, stumps and grassy areas. Where you find one crappie you will most likely find more because they do travel together in schools. Start fishing from the outside of the school and work inward to avoid scaring them off before you have the opportunity to reel in a nice catch.

As with most species the California crappies will spawn in the early spring when the waters start to warm up. During this time they are more aggressive and plentiful so it’s always an excellent time to go fishing. They will spawn in the shallows near any type of structures whether they are natural or man-made.

Live bait is always a great choice to use when fishing for crappies. The minnows are especially loved by this species. Other baits that get their attention are worms, jigs, spoons and spinners. Early morning and late evening are the best times during the day that you can go out fishing for this species. If you’re fishing in the colder months use a slow presentation because they move slower and won’t chase their food.

Crappie fishing in California is fun and entertaining. It’s a great way to spend your free time or when you’re getting together for family outings and searching for something interesting to do.

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