Five crappie lures and when to use them

The lures which can be used for fishing on crappie are available in various forms and sizes. Basically they are divided into two, live and artificial baits. Artificial baits are again broadly classified into cloth, plastic and feathers. The general principles which are being used for catching other types of fish must also be used in the case of crappie fishes.

The bait may look really beautiful in your bait box. But have the thought that how it might look to the fish while dangling in the water ever crossed your mind? So start thinking out of the box and investing on such baits which look pleasing while under water too. Plastic lures are available which mimic the food which is being commonly eaten by the crappie fish.

Now the fish needs to be attracted by the lure. So we should be dangling something which is looking just similar to the flavor of the month or of the season. The fish is specifically shy and is tough to be found roaming in the still water. Some of the plastic lures also may look pretty stiff in the moving water and fish gets distracted to other moving real live baits. One of the cheap marketing techniques which have been employed by some vendors is selling scent lures. These are practically ineffective with regards to crappie fish.

As mentioned earlier cloth and feathers are the other two forms of lures being commonly employed for this purpose. Although they look lifeless when not subjected to water, immersing them in water will make them look different. An alive feature can be given to such lures with the steady movement of water.

Various jigs are available in the online as well as offline market which can be used as proper baits to catch crappie fish.

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