Lake Guntersville Crappie Fishing Tactics

If you are making a day of it and plan to fish during the middle part of the day when it’s the hottest, you still may be able to entice the crappie to take the bait. However, it’s suggested that you switch your bait and try worms during this time of day. It’s recommended that you fish around structures, grassy areas and the shaded areas of the lake for the best results when the sun is at its highest. When fishing with lures the spinner baits seem to work very well when it comes to attracting the crappies attention.

During the hottest parts of the summer the crappies will move out to deeper waters where it’s a little cooler but they will move back in near the shallows when it begins to cool down again. Keep this in mind when you’re seeking them out.

Crappie Fishing Tactics for Lake Guntersville

When fishing Lake Guntersville, using the right tactics include having a variety of gear and getting everything prepared in advance. You don’t need a lot of fancy or expensive equipment when fishing for crappies because they are a small species that really aren’t that hard to catch. However, you do need a variety of sharp hooks ranging in several sizes and an assortment of lures in different sizes and colors. It’s a great idea to carry extra line with you as well. You never know when it will get tangled up causing it to break or making it necessary for you to cut the line.

Casting, drifting and still-fishing are all good techniques to use when crappie fishing on Lake Guntersville. The main thing that you need to be concerned with is finding the crappie and getting your bait into the areas where they are located. Either one of these methods will help you accomplish that goal.

Change your tactics around until you find what works the best in any given situation. You never know for sure what will work the best until you try different things. Sometimes, one fishing technique or bait will work great when fishing in the early morning but it may not work at all if you use the same thing in the evening. The same holds true when fishing on clear sunny days or cloudy days and so forth. Lake Guntersville crappie fishing is a great way to spend your free time and have fun relaxing while reeling in the fish.

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