Perch Fishing Secrets

Some species are most active at night or early morning and late evening. Others are hard to catch any season except for spring and fall. This greatly limits when you can go fishing making it harder for many people to enjoy this exciting sport. However, the perch will bite any time of the day or night and in any season so it doesn’t really matter when you go fishing. This is another reason why perch fishing is so popular.

You will also find that using a stiff rod will work better than a flimsy one when catching perch. The stiff rod will help you set the hook easier so you don’t run the risk of losing the fish that strike your line. The perch has mostly meat around their mouths that is very thin instead of a strong mouth with bone structure like many of the other species. Therefore, when you set the hook don’t jerk the line too hard or you may pull it completely out of their mouths.


The way you present your bait is very important. Even if the perch is going through a spell where they don’t want to take the bait, you can entice them to do so anyway if you present it in the right way. It is always best to use the lightest tackle you have when fishing for perch. For example, four to six pound test line combined with a number 8 hook works really well. An ultra light reel is also recommended for the best results.

Lures that weigh between three to five grams are the best to use when the perch are actively feeding. Perch are attracted by flashy bright colors so keep this in mind when you are selecting your lures. Remember that the perch swim together in groups so when you find one most likely you will have found a whole group of them and you are ready to start reeling them in.

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