Catching Crappies With Jigs

Advantages of Jigs

All experienced anglers know that minnows are the best live bait to use when fishing for crappie. However, more fishermen are discovering that jigs work just as well and they have several advantages over using live bait. For one thing, they are easier to acquire and you don’t have to worry about keeping them fresh. Minnows need to be purchased right before you go out on a fishing trip. You need to keep them in a cooler so they will stay fresh and active. Otherwise, they won’t work as well when it comes to attracting the crappie.

Another advantage is that jigs provide more variety. The only variety you have when using minnows are the length. However, when you use jigs you can choose a different size to accommodate the size of the crappie that is located in the area where you are fishing. You can also use different colors when you are going from shallow to deep water. If one method is not working very well at any given time, then you can switch to another one very easily.

Jigs don’t get hung up on structures and debris like other lures can, which makes crappie fishing more fun and less stressful. When you use the appropriate size for the type of water conditions you are fishing in, then they resemble the natural food source and they entice the crappie to take the bait.

Crappie fishing is an excellent way for families to enjoy time together because they are the best species of fish to learn how to catch. The fact that they are also delicious is an added bonus. Before going out on any lake or river make sure that you are familiar with all the rules associated with that area. Many will have a limit as to how many you can catch per day and a certain size limit. It is important that you obey the regulations at all times.

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