How To Catch Minnows

Now you may be wondering what the purpose of basically constructing a wire bucket to fit inside the tin bucket would be but there is a perfectly good reason for this. The tin bucket holds the water that keeps the minnows alive and makes it easy to transport them. Minnows require fresh water to stay alive and that is where the wire bucket you made comes in handy. It allows you to pull the minnows out of the bucket fast and easy long enough to change the water so you can place them back into the fresh water again.

You can also place the wire bucket of minnows in the body of water anywhere you are fishing to keep the minnows in fresh water for your entire fishing trip. Simply place it in the water along the bank or beside your boat and it will help to keep your minnows alive for hours.

Advantages of Catching Your Own Minnows

There are several reasons why anglers enjoy catching their own minnows. For one thing, it can be fun and rewarding to catch your own bait. However, one of the biggest advantages of catching your own minnows is the fact that they will be fresh when you are ready to use them. Another thing to consider is that areas with plenty of minnows usually also have plenty of fish. Therefore, you know you are in a great area where you may have the opportunity to reel in a lot of fish when you find an abundance of minnows.

Minnows are some of the most popular bait used by anglers everywhere. They work for all types of fish including trout, sunfish, perch, walleyes, bass and all species of catfish.  If you are ever out on the water and run out of bait instead of heading home early, you can catch your own minnows and keep on fishing.

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