White Perch – How To Catch A Mess

White perch have been known to be somewhat invasive and will eat the eggs of other species such as the white bass and walleye and then overpopulate that area. It can become a problem controlling the number of white perch when they are introduced to new areas where they can grow and thrive.

White perch is considered one of the best species when it comes to fishing recreationally and they are very tasty. When you want to go fishing mainly for the fun or for a great meal white perch is an excellent choice. Due to the fact they are easy to catch they are a great beginner fish for anyone learning how to fish for the first time. It is also a great way for families to get together for a day on the water fishing and spending quality time with each other.

When fishing for white perch it is recommended that you use a medium action rod and either a spinning or casting reel that is equipped with four to eight pound test line. If you use a net to bring them into the boat or onshore, you should pull the net over them head first.

When choosing your hooks you want to select the smallest sizes and make sure they are sharp before using them. Try fishing with sinkers instead of bobbers from time to time to see if you get better results. Make sure you check your line for weak spots often throughout the day to ensure it has not been damaged.

The more you know about any species of fish the better you will be at catching them and the white perch is no exception. Use the information above to make all of your fishing trips for white perch a more successful one.

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