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MILLERS FERRY- Millers Ferry is one of the bodies of water in Alabama that has a very high fertility rate. Not only is the population high, but the size of most Crappie caught in Millers Ferry are on the higher end of the scale, sometimes over 12 inches long. Crappie as large as 16 inches have even been reported. Despite the large catch limits, fisherman simply are not catching enough Crappie to diminish the population in anyway. This may be because most Crappie fisherman in the area prefer to only fish during the Spring.

Similar to Lake Eufaula, Millers Ferry has a high fertility rate. Because of this high fertility rate, there is also an abundance of Shad. Since shad is the main meal for Crappie, they flourish.

The creek channels running out of the main river may be the most dependable place to find Crappie. During the summer, you will want to concentrate on the channel breaks. Millers landing also contains a large amount of backwaters, which will provide great Crappie fishing during the spring because this is where the majority of Crappie spawn.

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