Are crappie wizard rods any good?

Are crappie wizard rods any good?

Many crappie anglers swear by Crappie Wizard rods. They were made specifically to be used for spider rigging, and they are great in that application. Perhaps the biggest innovation as far as Crappie Wizards are concerned is the fact that they have spinning rod guides built on each one. This works really well when you are using bobber stoppers, because the guides are a bit bigger and much more open than the guides on most of the crappie rods you see. The bobber stopper will pass through easily without getting stuck. The size of the guides also makes it easier to cast bobbers and light jigs. It also lessens the line resistance as well, and many anglers feel that the larger guides make it easier to feel when you get a bite. When you are fishing with a Crappie Wizard it is especially helpful in low light conditions, because all Crappie Wizards come with Chartreuse tips. Even the lightest bites can easily be seen with the Crappie Wizard. The Crappie Wizard comes in 7.5, 10, and 12 foot lengths. The smallest pole really is an excellent casting rod. It is also great for vertical jigging in super deep water as well.

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