Black Crappie Bait

Types of Jigs

When using live bait is not an option for you don’t worry, there are a variety of jigs that you can choose from. With modern technology many jigs are designed to be so realistic that the fish simply can’t tell it apart from the real thing.

There are five main types of jigs used for crappie fishing. They are listed below:

Bucktail Jigs
Tube Jigs
Soft-Plastic Jigs
Standard Jig Head
Horse-Head Jigs with Spinners

Of course, there are many other types of jigs available but these are the ones that have proven to be effective for catching crappies. You can also take a little time and experiment with a few of the others to see what kind of results you get.

The color is also a big factor when choosing the type of jig to use. It will depend on the temperature and depth of the water and whether or not it’s clear or murky. Take all these things into consideration when choosing your bait and keep a good assortment with you at all times.

Even if you intend to use live bait when crappie fishing it’s recommended that you also carry a variety of artificial lures with you anyway. You never know when you may need to switch off to lures because they are being picky or you may even run out of live bait. You wouldn’t want to be forced to call it an early day because you went through more bait than expected and didn’t have any backup.

Regardless of which type of bait you use, it’s important that you present it correctly. This may take a little practice but it will be worth the effort to learn how to present your bait the right way. The crappie can be spooked very easily and they won’t strike anything that appears to be unnatural. The bait needs to resemble their natural food source not only in appearance but in movement as well.

It’s important to keep the bait moving at a steady pace to make it look as realistic as possible. Don’t pull the bait into the school of fish. Baitfish will swim away from its predator, not towards them. When using lures that mimic the movements of the real thing, practice different ways of reeling it in to learn how to get the most from these designs.

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