Crappie Fishing Tactics

When investigating crappie fishing tactics, you may try various weights and colors of jigs as well to increase your chances of attracting the fish. Use a six-pound monofilament test line that is thin so that jigs will sink but strong to back on most snags so that you have few losses. When you determine that a specific rod begins to produce a catch, begin rigging other rods similarly to increase the number of successful casts.

Remember that, whatever method you use, crappie typically prefer shallow water in cover, especially during the early and mid spring. In this part of the year, crappie are spawning, and they need shallow water to do so. Following the rising water levels and river flows that force females into shallow pools for refuge also increases your chances of grabbing several sizeable slabs.

One of the more efficient crappie fishing tactics, especially in the dead of winter when crappie are harder to find and in deeper parts of the waters, is to use worms. Crappie tend to be sluggish and deep in the waters at this time, so sink live worms deep into the middle of the lake and troll slowly, allowing them to take note of the meaty meal you are offering. Since crappie tend to feed less in the winter, the worm is a great way to attract the attention of a hungry school of crappie.

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