How and when to use a crappie light

Many anglers believe that you don’t need to use a lantern when you’re fishing and there is a full moon. The moon will usually light the surface of the water making it easy to see where you’re going. However, the moon won’t shine enough light into the water to draw the baitfish to one location. Therefore, you still need to use the crappie light for the best results.

Using a crappie light will increase the number of bites you get which will give you more opportunities to reel in more fish each trip. It draws the crappie to a smaller area so you don’t have to spend as much time looking for them. This will save you lots of time and make fishing more fun and productive.

Night Fishing Safety
Night fishing safety is very important and you need to get prepared before heading out on the water. It’s best to always wear a life jacket even if you’re fishing from a bank. With the limited lighting it would be easy to slip and fall into the water and it could be difficult to get back out. When boating at night it’s recommended that you clean out the boat and make sure you have a clear path to walk to prevent tripping.

Inspect your boat before heading out on the water to make sure all the lights work properly. Boat lights are designed to alert other boaters of your location to help prevent vessels from colliding with each other. If something is not working correctly it could cause serious problems. It’s also recommended that you take along a good waterproof flashlight and fresh batteries, just in case.

It’s best to never go fishing alone at night so take along a friend or two. This way, you’ll have someone with you to help out in case of an accident and it makes fishing more fun. Safety should always come first so let someone at home know where you’re going and when you plan to come back. Then enjoy reeling in those crappies.

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