How Do You Catch Crappies

Basic Fishing Tips to Help You Catch Crappies

The more you know about crappies the more successful you’ll be. Crappies can be found around most any type of structures such as stumps, submerged trees, brush, weeds, docks and grassy areas. They are a school fish so when you get one bite there will normally be more where that came from. Because they are a small species it’s recommended that you use ultra-light rods and reels and small hooks and lures. If the gear is too big the crappie won’t be able to take it.

The water temperature will have a big influence on the behavior of the crappie. For one thing, they can see better in cold water. Therefore, you need to be careful not to be seen when fishing in cool, clear waters. They will also move out to the deeper waters when the temperature is cold as well so they won’t be as plentiful around the shallows. Light weight monofilament fishing line is recommended because it would be hard for them to see this and your color choice for lures will also be more important when fishing in cold waters.

When the crappies spawn they will build their nest close to each other and the male fish protects the eggs and young fish. Spawning takes place in the late spring and early part of the summer. If you have a chance, it’s a good idea to get as familiar with the body of water in which fishing as you can. Knowing the area will make it easier for you locate the crappie so you can spend more time reeling them in instead of searching for them

They are an active species that will move around a lot but they generally follow the same patterns. Therefore, if you know what these patterns are, you’ll be able to keep track of them and this goes back to knowing the area. If you’re new to the area try to find someone to take you out and show you around a bit. If that’s not an option, you can always pick up a map of the area and this will help you get familiar with it.

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