How to Use a Crappie Structure

When baiting the hook it’s important to keep it completely covered by the bait, which is important for two reasons. If the hook is sticking out it will get caught and snagged on the structures more often. The other reason is because if the crappies see the hook sticking out of the bait they won’t take it and this species can see very well.

When fishing around rocks, weeds, stumps, trees and similar areas from a boat, you may have a little more of an advantage because you can move to different angles until you find the best place to cast your line. Once you find what looks like a good spot, stop about one hundred feet from the location and drop anchor. This will put you close enough to cast your jig to the strike zone but not so close that you’ll scare them away.

When fishing similar areas from the bank or shoreline one of the first things that you want to do is look for a clear spot. When you think about getting tangled up around some type of structure, most people think about things in the water. However, when fishing from a bank at least half of the lines that get tangled up do so in the trees and brush alongside the bank.


It’s important to keep in mind that just because it’s a structure in a certain area, this doesn’t mean that it will automatically be filled with crappie. There are other things that influence the fish and determine if it’s a good place to go fishing. For instance, the amount of oxygen around the structure will be a huge factor along with the abundance of baitfish. If there is no food for the crappie to feed on, they will not stick around.

If you want to be a successful angler you need to understand and know how to use a crappie structure to your advantage. Most all species will be near or around structures at some point so it will even help you improve your skill at reeling some of the harder to catch species such as bass or the walleye.

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