Kansas Crappie Fishing

Many of the small Kansas crappie fishing locations contain great numbers of crappie. If you’d like to try trolling a smaller lake, start with Osage City Lake, Plainville Lake, or Crawford or Meade SFL. These prove to be excellent crappie fishing lakes because the smaller size of the lake allows the water to warm more quickly, meaning that the crappie fishing season will begin sooner and produce more, larger fish by extending the growing season. Wyandotte County Lake near the Kansas City metro area, is only 407 acres but produces great quantities of large black crappie. While Leavenworth SFL is not the best place to find white crappie, you’ll find a good sampling of black crappie here as well. Wilson SFL is a great harbor for both black and white crappie. You may also want to check out Lebo City Lake and Yates Center City Lake, both small lakes considered good for Kansas crappie fishing, especially in terms of black crappie.

Overall, it is difficult to find a lake in Kansas that is not good for crappie fishing. With so many options, you never run out of choices, and you can certainly locate one in your area or one that will become your overall favorite fishing hole. Kansas crappie fishing has always been popular, and with well stocked lakes, that won’t change any time soon.

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