Missouri Crappie Fishing

In the southeast, Missouri crappie fishing continues to fair well, with lakes like Lake of the Ozarks and Bull Shoals Lake producing excellent numbers of large slabs every year. In Lake of the Ozarks, anglers will fair best in the eastern half of the lake and not so well in the west. At Bull Shoals Lake, the 10-inch minimum for a keeper fish allows the crop of crappie to mature, keeping the population consistent for great fishing every year. Wappapello Lake’s white crappie population tends to grow fairly large, with some ranging up to 15 inches in length, and Duck Creek CA Pool No. 1, south of Zalma, though extremely shallow and difficult to fish, is full of vegetation that provides excellent cover for crappie.

In the southwest, while those seeking good Missouri crappie fishing have had to abandoned the thought of Truman Lake as a top producer, other areas such as Stockton Lake have picked up considerably. Pomme de Terre Lake is full of black crappie exceeding 9 inches in length, making them keepers. Montrose Lake, being a power plant cooling lake, is consistently warmer than other area lakes and spawns a greater number of crappie than most early in the season. Though the overall population density is low, if you stick to the warmer parts of the lake, you are sure to find a few schools.

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