Ohio Crappie Fishing

A trip to the 6,550-acre Mosquito Lake can yield an excellent batch of crappie also. Ohio crappie fishing is especially good here because the shallow waters (averaging about 15 feet and 25 feet at its deepest channel) make it an excellent hatchery, so crappie tend to make the lake a preferred natural habitat that allows for easy spawning. This means that the fishing is consistent, without the typical population fluctuation you see in many lakes.

Ohio crappie fishing couldn’t be better than in the Ohio River. Along the state border, the river flows along 450 miles of shoreline and consists of 95,000 acres of great fishing grounds. While not the typical quiet bay with a brushy shoreline, the river contains several fishing pools where migrating and spawning crappie become lodged. Here is a good bet for especially large, fat females. Check out such location as Hannibal Pool, where crappie approach 14 inches in length regularly or Willow Island Pool, coursing along the border of Wayne National Forest, where the waters regularly yield 10-15-inch crappie.

Obviously, a weekend spent in Ohio crappie fishing at any of these locations can be productive and exciting. While there are opportunities to fish for crappie year round in Ohio, the winter months are concentrated more on ice fishing, disallowing the opportunity for many to enjoy the sport. However, in the spring and summer, you would be hard pressed to find an area of the United States more suited for excellent crappie fishing than the state of Ohio.

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