Three tips for crappie tournaments

Taking part in crappie tournaments can be fun, exciting, and a great way to make some money. There are three main things you need to take into consideration though to get the most out of them. These guidelines will benefit you well!

Where, What, and When?

You cant’ take part in crappie tournaments if you don’t know where they are and when they will take place. You need to get on email lists and mailing lists so that you can find out about them. You certainly don’t have to attend all of them but you do want to have a good idea of what is available.

If you plan on going to many such tournaments, you can plan your course of action wisely. You can sign up for events that take place in given areas and then travel to the next. This is the most economical way instead of going back and forth from home for one and then repeating that process again and again.

What will be going on too? Some of the crappie tournaments out there are fundraisers and others are very prestigious. Find out what the deal is going to be so you can decide if you want to be part of it or not. You don’t want to waste your time at any event that you don’t feel is a good match for you. By the same token though you don’t want to miss out on what took place because you didn’t delve into it enough before hand.

Have Quality Equipment

The only way you are going to do well in crappie tournaments is to have quality equipment. You need to make the investment so you can do well. As you make money from them you can invest in even better equipment. Keep in mind that the expenses can start to add up quickly. When you include lodging and other travel expenses such as meals you need to have some money to work with.

On the other hand without quality equipment you have a very slim chance of winning anything significant at the tournament to keep your pockets lined. There are often great cash values and other prices offered at these tournaments but you need to be a top dog to earn them.

As you do well again and again at various crappie tournaments you will find that sponsors may approach you. They are going to give you equipment that you can use and it will be the top of the line. Why would they do this? Simple – when you are seeing winning with their equipment there will be a rush of other people there that go out and buy that same equipment because they have proof it works!

Know the Rules

Rules apply to just about everything out there in life and that includes crappie tournaments. Never assume that you already know the rules because they differentiate from one event to the next. For example the entry fee and signup deadline are very important. You can’t just show up with a smile and tell them you forgot to send it in but you are there to fish!

Many of these tournaments are offered by invitation only. Therefore, you have to do well at smaller tournaments to be able to get an invitation. Make sure you understand such rules so you know where to start and how to progress through the ranks. Don’t just sit back and wait for the day that it will happen.

There may be rules about what time you need to show up for the event, the types of equipment you can bring with you, and more. All of this should be disclosed at the time you sign up. Always read through that material in advance and then again right before the tournament so that you are familiar with it.

You certainly don’t want to be the person that gets disqualified from the event because you didn’t comply with the rules and regulations that are in place. There will be people officiating such events so you have to be doing what is expected at all times if you want to be a part of the event.


As you follow these tips for crappy tournaments you need to remember it is also about having fun with the sport. Sure, you may want to win the prizes and the money but at the end of the day you can’t pass up the experience or the fine people you will meet that these events.

You may have the determination and the dream of making it professionally as a crappie fisherman. These tournaments are the means of getting yourself recognized out there. Be polite, be friendly, and always do your best. At the end of the day that will all give you plenty to smile about.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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