Washington Crappie Fishing

In fall, you can try live baits, crappie jigs and spinners. You will find the crappie in shallow waters in the mornings and evenings and deeper waters at other times in the day. Try to fish away from deep structures. In winter, crappie are still found in Washington but finding a good spot for them is sometimes a little more difficult.

The schools will typically be deeper in the water. Try fishing with small worms, crappie jigs and live bait. Depending on the depth of the water you are fishing in, you may need to go as deep as 45-55 feet u need to know to fish for Washington crappie? It will partially depend on the time of year and where you are fishing at but some common techniques are to try still-fishing, trolling or drifting in waters where crappie are known to be abundant. Since crappie spawn in the Spring, this is one of the easiest times to catch them in abundance. Some people even report being able to toss a net in a spawning area and reel in tons of crappie.

You should use live bait or jigs made for crappie. Some fishermen also report results with small crappie lures. Early in the morning you can find the crappie closer to the surface of the water but as the sun comes out on the water, especially in hot summer days, they will drop from 5-10 feet lower in the water and you will need to fish deeper for them. At dusk, they may move up in the water again, often for feeding and at night, they will drop low again.

Other good live baits to try are minnows, small insects and worms or small crustaceans. Just how quickly to move the bait based on how active your crappie are at the particular time.

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