What can I do to catch crappie fast in Texas?

what can i do to catch crappie fast in texas

Go fishing at night and use crappie lights to attract the insects to the water top and then drop your bait of a minnow into the water and you will catch crappies. How fast will depend on your abilities and your skill at presenting the bait after the crappies come looking. Texas has some prime fishing holes and if you play the game right, you will have some good catches. Better yet, you will have some fine fish for the dinner table. Keep in mind that all the other factors have to be right to catch fish. The weather, the bait, the time of year and some even say the moon. I was never one for following the moon to fish, but some angler’s swear by it. If you find a water that is known for crappies, that would be the water to fish. Try the night time fishing and use minnows and crappie lights. I can’t imagine that not working for you if the fish are hungry. If you don’t have any action, you may not be fishing the right location. Most of the time, you need to know where the fish are in close proximity to where you set up your lights. If the fish are on the other side of the water and you are not, no matter what you do, you are not going to get the fish. Take some time to find the right water, bait and set out for the night with your lights ready.

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