What Eats Minnows

The minnow spawning season is normally somewhere between the middle of the spring and the middle of summer. They lay their eggs in the aquatic plants and the algae on the bottom of the water. Before long, there will be another generation of minnows available to fulfill their duty in the food chain.

Minnows Make Excellent Fishing Bait

Minnows make such excellent fishing bait that many anglers raise their own for fishing. There are several ways to do this but one of the easiest is by setting up a large fish tank. Fill it with water and adjust the chemicals. Put in the aeration tube and run it for at least a day before putting minnows into the tank.

Live plants work the best because they give the minnows somewhere to lay the eggs and for the babies to hide. It also provides more oxygen for the water but if you need to, you can use fake ones. Feed them several times a day and give them a variety of different foods.

Other anglers make traps to catch the minnows they need for fishing. If you’re interested in making your own traps you can go online and look for sites that offer this type of information. There are several different types of traps available and you will be able to find step by step instructions for each of them making it easy to make your own. You can also learn how to bait these traps to draw in the minnows to ensure you catch a lot of them.

Of course, you can always buy minnows from your local bait shop on the way to your fishing adventure. You can also use a net and try to haul in a few from the water in which you plan on fishing before you get started. However, this can take up right much of your fishing time. If you prefer not to use live baits, you also have the option of using artificial lures. The minnow is such a popular baitfish, you can find a huge variety of lures designed to look just like them that can often be as productive as using the real thing.

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