When Do Crappie Spawn

Spawning Season Fishing Tips

Since crappies are the most aggressive during the spawning season they are even easier to catch than normally. Still, there are a few things that you can do to make your fishing trip even more productive. For example, the larger crappie will be located a little deeper than the smaller ones so keep this in mind when choosing your fishing spot.

You can use live bait such as minnows and small shad if you’re seeking out the larger sizes but artificial lures will also be productive. One of the best lures to use for crappie during this season would be the marabou jig. Spinner bait will also work well and color is important so you may need to experiment a little to find what works the best each time you go out.

The closer the spawning season gets the more aggressive this species will become. The males will strike at just about anything that invades the nest. The females can usually be enticed to strike if you use a slow retrieval. Basically, as long as you bait the hook with a tasty meal, cast out your line and retrieve it back in slowly, you’ll usually get a bite. Try casting above the nest and slowly pull the bait through the spawning area for the best results.

Most areas have stricter regulations when it comes to what you can keep during the spawning season than at other times of the year so, you’ll need to know what these are. They will include the bag limit you’re allowed and the minimum size limit that you can keep. Anything you catch below this size will have to be thrown back into the water preferably unharmed. After the spawning season is over the crappie will move back out to the deeper waters and they can be found around structures such as bridges, docks, weeds, timber and so forth again.

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